Course Update

With one month to go before my due date, I’ve completed all the course work for this unit! I’ve typed the bulk of the written assignment, it just needs some tweaking and referencing. I have 2 practicals to do- one is an hour long case taking exercise, the other is a demonstration of physical exam techniques. I’ve booked in with a friend to act as my victim for these. Patient. I said patient…

Overall, I’m about to start my second unit, in block 2 of 5. Block one was mostly theoretical- anatomy, chemistry, counselling and some legal and business stuff. So far in block 2 I’ve completed Microbiology and Infection Control and the one I’m at the end of is Patient Assessment. It goes into examination techniques- turns out, I’m really awful at taking manual blood pressure! I really need some practice before I do the assessments.

Next unit is Herbal Fundamentals, which I’m super excited about. Yep, totally geeking out over this one! It’s going through a whole bunch of herbs, so there will be a lot to memorise. I’m fortunate- I work in a health food store, so I already know a lot of Latin names and indications for commonly used herbs. I just hope I can remember them when it comes to the crunch! It’s a unit which will give me a huge part of the knowledge I’ll need to use Every Single Day so it’s quite an important one. From memory, it’s four exams, a written and one or two practicals. I’m going to have to get very adept at filming myself by the sound of it (practicals are submitted via video assessment). I also have to complete a 30 hour clinic block for this subject, but that’ll happen down the track a bit.

I will throw a quick update up when the last video for this unit is sent in, and share my grade as well. By Monday I should be starting the course content for the herbal unit. Can’t wait!