Small Beginnings

My assessment item is to complete 3 case studies and form a primary and differential diagnosis for each. I don’t get to offer treatment though- I’m not up to that part yet, though I think I could do a passable job of offering basic advice in a nonclinical setting.

The cases they’ve given me aren’t too bad. They come with enough relevant info to form a basis for further investigation and guess at a likely diagnosis or two. Which is not like real life at all!

I work in a health food store so we get people coming in with lots of different problems. Often, they have a multitude of symptoms that don’t seem to match up. Sometimes they are treating things symptomatically without knowing what they are, or they may have run the gamut of doctors and been put into the too hard basket.

It’s very hard to make a ‘diagnosis’ or give thorough advice in a complicated case, while standing on a shop floor with people milling around trying to get your attention. Studying this course has definitely given me some great tools to help me form a strong, logical thought process when collecting and assembling the relevant data, and I think it will allow me to help people better as a shop assistant. I just hope that sitting in a real consult, with privacy and time will make things a bit easier!