Life as a student naturopath

Hi! I’m Amy. Mother of 2 (3 if you count the dog. 4 if you count the husband). Retail manager extraordinaire. Part time student. And really freaking busy.

This is a series of short posts on juggling hecticity, making up words and learning about stuff. I rock the natural health scene- I’ve worked in the health industry for 10 years (getting old now) and I’ve spent the last 4 managing a growing health food store. I study as a distance ed student- that gets a bit lonely which is why I’m here.

My kids are super cool- Egyptogirl is 12 and wants to be a forensic anthropologist. She helps me with my anatomy assignments. Destructoboy is two and yeah, I think he wants to be a demolitionist. Or a stunt man. Maybe a transformer. He helps me eat stuff and break things.

Le Husband is a gorgeous man who works a lot of hours and loves my cooking (or has done since I learned to cook. That got off to a rocky start…)

I’m a bit of a geek, dreadfully disorganized and a little bit clever. When I’m not at work or studying hard, I read, geek out over Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, play tickle monster and I read some more. And I hate Fireman Sam.

Follow my blog to learn about health and herbs, getting busy (not like THAT! Get your mind out of the gutter) and having fun. Because that’s what life is about. Or it should be, anyway.

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