Life? Seriously, you have one of those?

I don’t consider myself deprived of a life.  Sure, I work, I study, I have a family and things are busy as hell.  No, I don’t watch a lot of TV and there are about a million books I don’t have the time to read.  I don’t go out much and don’t have any hobbies.  But you know what? I still have fun.  I still connect.

The trick is quality over quantity, and patience.  I make sure that if I watch TV, it’s something I REALLY enjoy.  I have my favourites and I download them on Apple TV to watch when I have time.  Sometimes that’s scheduled in, other times I just need a break.  We don’t have normal TV set up so there’s no mindless channel surfing because god, that sucks you in doesn’t it? Flicking stations for a minute that turns into an hour that turns into a day?  I do the same with books- big series like Wheel of Time that I’d love to go back and read again are on my rain-check list.  I make sure that I still read the ones I really want though- sometimes short, easy reads like The Dresden Files, othertimes things with more bite.  But I’m a fast reader so even a giant of a book doesn’t stop me for long (I can’t read + study, I HAVE to finish the book).

I may have lied, I do have a hobby-writing.  This blog, a fiction novel and other bits and pieces.  I limit myself to set times and make sure I’m not getting myself behind, but that makes me enjoy my writing time more, and I think it makes me more productive, too.  I love to see movies and go every few weeks.  I hangout with friends online or in person every so often.  Weekends are family time, which is awesome (when nobody is getting killed)

I guess I am lucky to enjoy everything I do.  I don’t schedule fun, I let it happen and I appreciate it.  I just do it with purpose and avoid (most of) the traps that lie in between- those boring, spaced out stretches that aren’t fun, connected, productive.  Do thing with intent.  And for God’s sake, stay AWAY from Facebook…


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